[PATCH] 1/2 Start header file merger (Was: Re: Beginning Merger Patch)

Jon Loeliger jdl at freescale.com
Sat Aug 27 06:55:11 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 09:59, Stephen Rothwell wrote:

> > Another interesting point about it is which define to use. For s390, we
> > decided to '#ifdef __s390x__' rather than '#ifdef CONFIG_ARCH_S390X' or
> > 'ifdef CONFIG_64BIT', because CONFIG_* does not work when including the
> > headers from user space.
> Well noone should even include kernel headers from user space :-) and my
> understanding is that glibc "sanitizes" its version of the kernel headers
> anyway.
> > Using CONFIG_64BIT instead of __powerpc64__ only within #ifdef __KERNEL__
> > would be correct but less consistant.
> The advantage of using CONFIG_64BIT as much as possible is that it shows
> us places that can be consolidated across the various architectures
> (which is a bit of a passion of mine :-)).  And more consolidation should
> make life easier for the glibc folks in the long run.

Hi guys,

Well, the time has come when I need an answer to this
question in order to make more progress on merging
some include files.

Anyone care to take a semi-authoritative stand on what
symbol to use to distinguish 32/64-bit-ness in the
include files?


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