Framebuffer driver using SM501 hardware.

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Wed Aug 17 04:23:01 EST 2005


I was working with the SM501 framebuffer for a while on

It is heavily based on old silicon motion code and
not in good shape, so I didn't dare to publish it ;-)

But it's working on ppc, linux-2.6 and X was running on it.
There is a color-mapping issue left (RGB is swapped on powerpc)
and it needs lots of code cleanup or a complete rewrite.

Due to my project schedule, it will take me some month
until I can focus on the voyagerfb again.

But take what you want...

Best greets,

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Surendra Yadav wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am writing framebuffer driver using SM501. This graphics driver chip can
> drive CRT and TFT panel. I have written two seperate framebuffer driver, one
> for CRT and one for TFT Panel.
> But I am not able to test both the devices. Any one of them work at a time.
> I have created two files /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1. These two can be open
> successfully and mmap is also successful from userspace. If I am trying to
> write on fb0 and  fb1 with different data, they displayed on either CRT or
> TFT panel.
> Can any one help me How to test two different framebuffer devices?
> Thanks.
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