The kernel halt after "transferring control to linux(0x000000)..." on HD860(MPC860SR) board kernel 2.4.25, and 2.6.12

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Aug 5 19:16:33 EST 2005

In message <A9DE2BAF233E444FA9C5E77A5825A01E865055 at> you wrote:
>   I meet a problem when porting kernel  2.4.25,and 2.6.12 to a HD860
> board: Whatever your config, or whatever you patch, set ppcboot
> enviroment, 
>   whether use ramdisk or nfs, the kernel  all display a message then
> halt.

How do you define "halt"? There is no "halt" instruction in the  CPU,
so it must be doing "something".

>   The log_buf in Memory display that the kernel has problem at : 
>   1. /init/main.c  calibrate_delay() ;
>   2. /init/main.c  do_initcalls() do while dead loop!! 
>   3. /init/do_mounts.c mount_root() 

Locate the problems and fix them.

>  Does it need any patches? thanks!
>  The kernel 2.4.25 is from ELDK 3.1.1, is from

this kernel works fine on many, many  other  boards.  It's  extremely
likely that the problems are caused by your port only.

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