PowerPC + SMP

Stuart Yoder stuart.yoder at conformative.com
Wed Apr 27 05:07:36 EST 2005

We've run into a few issues with U-boot, but they are not unsolveable--

-it doesn't provide an alternate execution path for the 2nd CPU when it
is started by the kernel
-U-boot needs to detect which CPU is executing
-U-boot on the 2nd CPU should not execute any platform/board specific
setup code-- this is stuff you only want to do once
-U-boot on the 2nd CPU cannot relocate itself to SDRAM because Linux is
already running there and assumes it owns all of memory
-it needs some way of getting to the Linux kernel entry point for
secondary CPUs
-it also appears that it should set up HID1 (other stuff??) for SMP


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> > I am using U-boot on my SMP system and U-boot is not SMP aware.  Do 
> > you
> Strictly speaking this statement is wrong.
> So far I am not aware of a port of U-Boot to a SMP system.  
> If  there was  such  a  port, and if it was properly done, 
> then U-Boot probably _were_ SMP aware.
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