Interrupt disabling design

Pantelis Antoniou panto at
Thu Apr 7 20:19:22 EST 2005

Garcia Jérémie wrote:
> Hi everybody, 
> I'm trying to emulate a VxWorks-designed application under a linux montavista environment.
> In this application I have critical portion of code which need the interrupts disabled as below:

> Is it possible to do that? Cause If I do a "cli()" call, I disable interrupts --> so, will the "sti()" call work?
> If yes, it allows me to make my own system call to use them from the user space but I'm not really sure...
> Tks a lot for your help 
> _______________________________________________

Although it might be possible to something like that with root permissions,
  I'd recommend against it.

If you want to run code with disabled interrupts, move that code in a kernel
module and disable/enable interrupts in the kernel
(still bad but acceptable).

IMHO of course.



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