MPC5200 with PCF8563 RTC

Jón Benediktsson jonb at
Fri Sep 24 21:42:41 EST 2004

wd at wrote on 23.09.2004 20:07:57:

> > I am however having a more difficult time getting the linux kernel 
> > (linuxppc_2_4_devel from Denx) to work with PCF8563.  I get errors 
> > rtc_rd( ), but I
> > can't understand why.  I have compared the i2c clock signals between 
> It works fine on the PM520...

Thanks for your hints.  I tried configuring the kernel for the pm520 board
(make PM520_config) and then the RTC stuff works on my board.  Obviously I
had something misconfigured that resulted in the strange behaviour of i2c.

> > eth0: status: link up, 100 Mbps Half Duplex.
>                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Is this correct?

No, it is actually incorrect and this is something that I need to fix.
My board (NS4) has a DP83847 PHY on the FEC.  I modified fec.c to avoid
kernel panic, but I do not have the PHY handling 100% correct yet.
Ethernet communications are working though, at least when connected to 
a Cisco Catalyst 2950 with autonegotiation it establishes 100 Mbps Full 
When connected to an old HP 10Mbps hub linux reports as above, 100 MBps 
Half Duplex,
but the communications do work despite wrong reported speed.

Any suggestions for reference code for DP83847 with MPC5200 ?

Many thanks,
Jón Benediktsson
Marel hf.

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