New mailing list specifically for embedded PowerPC development

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Sep 24 15:52:00 EST 2004

On Sep 23, 2004, at 9:22 PM, Hollis Blanchard wrote:

> I think ultimately the problem is that the embedded list ends up 
> generating a *lot* of traffic, and that traffic ends up drowning out 
> non-embedded topics.

This was the reason the list was created years ago.  People got tired
of reading my comments and few people were involved in embedded
development at that time :-)  People with no interest in embedded didn't
want to hear about it.

I don't know why anyone would care if they have to subscribe to
multiple lists to get the information they need.  There isn't any need
to cross post and I don't think this is done very much or at all.  There
have been a few times early in the -embedded days that I have taken
topics from the embedded list to the -dev list, but this isn't necessary
any more because the interested parties are on both.

Personally, it doesn't make any difference to me, I subscribe to lots
of lists.  I think everyone that said "no" so far also subscribes to 
lists, I wonder how many people will want multiple lists?


	-- Dan

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