Linux-2.6.9-rc2 kernel build for mvme5100

Tom Rini trini at
Thu Sep 23 02:33:09 EST 2004

On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 08:55:41AM +1000, David Gardiner wrote:

> Okay I took a different way, looking at the code and having lots of 
> problems trying to get it to compile and the similarity between the 
> PowerPlus series I compiled a pplus kernel with the default config and 
> the patch above and it booted, yeah, and dumped bits to the console, on 
> an mvme2604.
> So I made some changes Kconfig so that MVME5100 and PPLUS were basically 
> the same ( The architecture for the 5100 and pplus are similar, so why 
> was the code separated? arrgh I'm about to be burnt to a crisp, but if 
> we don't get our fingers burnt we never learn) which the patch for is 
> attached. This patch also allows the selection of nvram which I want 
> also and it seems to compile no matter what you select, which it didn't 
> before. And so selecting MVME5100 it booted and dumped bits to the 
> console, yeah.

I _think_ the answer is simply that the mvme5100 work predated the
CONFIG_PPLUS work.  If you can come up with a patch that adds mvme5100
support to CONFIG_PPLUS, we can get rid of the MVME5100-specific stuff.
(And, if you do, please look at Documentation/SubmittingPatches and the
Developers Certificate of Origin).

> I'm still playing with the config, so please excuse the "weird" 
> selections in the config which is also attached, but the notable 
> differences between it and the arch/ppc/configs/mvme5100_defconfig are 
> that it has selections for a default console, and input devices ( which 
> isn't needed, I know)  and .....

I'll try and pick out the important changes and push them up.  Thanks.

Tom Rini

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