problem on netdevice

zhonglei zhonglei at RCS-9000.COM
Thu Nov 25 13:42:34 EST 2004

   Sorry for bothering you! But would you please give me a hand.When I insert a Intel Pro/100s server Adapter into the PCI slot on Lite5200(motorola MPC5200 development kit) and start the embedded kernel,the kernel run into a dead lock. (Before that I used 'make xconfig' to enable the e100 driver in kernel)
The reports are as follows:
IP-Config: Retrying forever (NFS root)...
eth1: config: auto-negotiation on, 100FDX, 100HDX, 10FDX, 10HDX.
eth1: Waiting for the link to be up...
eth1: status: link up, 100 Mbps Full Duplex, auto-negotiation complete.
e100: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full duplex
Sending DHCP requests ...... timed out!
    Please tell me how can I handle it! Thanks in advance!
Best Regards

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