Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Nov 23 09:20:53 EST 2004

> Does this patch do, or should have to do, anything special to 
> "normalize" the mounted filesystems before sleep?  When I patched the 
> kernel first, I was running XFS, and of course that is notorious for 
> file corruptions with power abnormalities on a system.  I started to 
> get really odd file corruptions, where 'ls file' would should the 
> file, but 'ls -l file' would not.

I though xfs was supposed to be journaled ? Yes, the sleep code will
sync all disks before sleep. You should update to patch #4 though, there
have been number of problems fixes since then.

> I switched to ReiserFS (v3) now, and have seen symptoms like this 
> problem caused appear once more (but not to the extent that XFS showed 
> [where I thought my system was disintegrating before my eyes]).

Hrm... reiserfs is evil, ask any sane kernel hacker :) Why not ext3 ?

> Is there something that was overlooked in the patch, or something that 
> I'm overlooking that needs to be done?
> If filesystems do not need to be "normalized" at sleep, what 
> filesystems are known to work?  (Hesistant about ext3, as it's quite 
> slow, imho, but I'll go that route if needed, I suppose).

It's not that slow ...


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