IBM 750GX SMP on Marvell Discovery II or III?

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue May 11 13:03:03 EST 2004

Dan Malek writes:

> On May 10, 2004, at 7:36 PM, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> > SMP is not supported for 750 processors.
> You mean for IBM 750 processors :-)
> The MPC75x processors support this.

No, actually, I meant all 750 processors.  The MPC750 will broadcast
the cache operations if you set HID0[ABE], but that doesn't help us
because the MPC750 never snoops those operations.  According to page
2-63 of the MPC750 users manual: "Of the broadcast cache operations,
the MPC750 snoops only dcbz, regardless of the HID0[ABE] setting."


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