[LPPC] Random crashes on snooze

Josh Rosenau jrosenau at ku.edu
Thu Mar 18 04:19:53 EST 2004

So on Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 11:09:25PM -0800, Ira Weiny was all like,

>I put some debug messages in the sleep code and I think it might have something
>to do with the awacs sound driver.
>>From /var/log/messages on a bad sleep:
>Mar 16 17:49:15 batwing2 kernel: IKW sleep 1 calling c03b5ff4 (c020cae0)
>Mar 16 17:49:15 batwing2 kernel: aty128fb: aty128_sleep_notify when 1 board c1ab1800
>Mar 16 17:49:16 batwing2 kernel: IKW sleep 1 accepted by c03b5ff4 (c020cae0)
>Mar 16 17:49:16 batwing2 kernel: IKW Sync disks
>Mar 16 17:49:16 batwing2 kernel: IKW sleep 2 calling c03868ec (c01d1b6c)
>Dec 31 20:53:02 batwing2 syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
>>From System.map
>c01d1b6c t awacs_sleep_notify
>But I don't know if there is something missing from the file because of course
>nothing can be written to the disk at this time...  Does anyone have any other

I've avoided crashes on sleep on my Lombard by always unloading the
sound module.  It isn't elegant, but it works.  One more data point.

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