DMA support for MPC5xxx?

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Thanks for your answer. Is there any place to follow the evolution of this problem, kind of bestcomm project web page or mail list, or is this list where motorola people uses to announce new bestcomm releases?


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> Are MPC5200's IDE UDMA and MDMA have support with the latests changes in bestcomm?

Yes, partially :-(

> As I've read in the list, IDE and DMA were not supported due to bestcomm microcode ( Then, there is an announcement about a new API released on april 2004, included in linuxppc_2_4_devel
> cvs module. Does this solve the IDE DMA problem? I'm trying to use it on linuxppc_2_4_devel but doesn't work and I don't know if it's broken or I'm doing something wrong.
> BTW, the target is a Lite5200 board.

IDE DMA works if used alone, but it still causes conflicts  when  the
FEC ethernet driver is enabled, too. Motorola is investigating.

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