pmdisk working on ppc (WAS: Help port swsusp to ppc)

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Thu Jan 29 19:11:04 EST 2004

> > OK. I put a mdelay(100) between the PMU_SYSTEM_READY request and the
> > pmu_suspend() call in pmu_sys_resume and it seems to work so far. Side
> > note: if you are saving a large system and have multiple swap files, play
> > with swap priorities to make sure the pages are swapped out to the file
> > _not_ used for suspend.
> Ah ? What's up ? suspend trashes the swap ? That's very bad...

Nope; freeing memory puts everything in the highest priority swap (happens
to be the first one), and suspend doesn't find enough room in that swap
area. The calculation of free swap done by pmdisk is bogus, it calculates
total free swap, not free swap in the area that pmdisk is going to use for
the snapshot.


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