pmdisk working on ppc (WAS: Help port swsusp to ppc)

Pavel Machek pavel at
Thu Jan 29 10:35:09 EST 2004


> > > > Battery requests might have been underway; pmud is running. If I read
> > > > pmu_suspend() right, pending battery requests should result in pmu_suspend
> > > > waiting for them to finish?
> > >
> > > Normally yes... pmud isn't running at this point (all processes are frozen)
> >
> > OK. I put a mdelay(100) between the PMU_SYSTEM_READY request and the
> > pmu_suspend() call in pmu_sys_resume and it seems to work so far. Side
> > note: if you are saving a large system and have multiple swap files, play
> > with swap priorities to make sure the pages are swapped out to the file
> > _not_ used for suspend.
> Ah ? What's up ? suspend trashes the swap ? That's very bad...

No, it does not.

But swap space is shared between suspend and swap. And if that place
is full (unlikely), you've got a problem.
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