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Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Jan 28 04:13:56 EST 2004

In message <4016965F.5060706 at> you wrote:
> Problem #1: When I start host side gdb, I get the message:
> warning: unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function
> GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers
> and track explicitly loaded dynamic code

You missed to set solib-absolute-prefix - see

> The program starts and breakpoint don't work.
> Problem #2:  (Maybe related?) on the target side gdbserver, after
> starting things with "c" on the host side, this message appears:
> gdb: error initializing thread_db library.
> gdb: error initializing thread_db library.
> Yes, twice.

Well, guess what that means?

> Why is gdbserver on the target having trouble?  I see I have correctly
> delivered the thread_db library in /lib on the target, so what gives?

Probably you have other problems with your build of GDB /  gdbserver.
We had to fix a couple of problems to get thread support working.

> Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I build my toolchain
> with crosstools.

Feel free to try out the GDB / gdbserver that come with the ELDK.

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