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Christopher R. Johnson cjohnson at
Wed Jan 28 04:13:25 EST 2004

Ok, answering some of my own questions:

in host-side gdb, use the two commands:
set solib-absolute-prefix
set solib-search-path

I set the first to /dev/null and the second to the path where my
filesystem is constructed and its /lib directory (where all my shared
libs are on the host).

All the below error messages go away, but I am left with my original
problem.  I can set breakpoints but they don't work.  What am I missing?

Christopher R. Johnson wrote:

> Maybe not the right list for this, if you have a suggestion for
> somewhere better let me know...
> My new tool chain build is working well, except that debugging with
> gdb/gdbserver is somewhat broken.  I figured out that I needed thread_db
> and have that built in now and delivered to the target platform.
> Problem #1: When I start host side gdb, I get the message:
> warning: unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function
> GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers
> and track explicitly loaded dynamic code
> I don't need to debug initializers, so I set a breakpoint at main and
> continue.  Two error messages appear:
> Error while mapping shared library sections:
> /lib/ No such file or directory
> Error while mapping shared library symbols:
> /lib/ No such file or directory
> The program starts and breakpoint don't work.
> Problem #2:  (Maybe related?) on the target side gdbserver, after
> starting things with "c" on the host side, this message appears:
> gdb: error initializing thread_db library.
> gdb: error initializing thread_db library.
> Yes, twice.
> Why is the host side looking in /lib for target libraries?  Can I
> control that?  How?
> Why is gdbserver on the target having trouble?  I see I have correctly
> delivered the thread_db library in /lib on the target, so what gives?
> Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I build my toolchain
> with crosstools.
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> Christopher R. Johnson

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