OF properties access ?

Sven Luther sven.luther at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 13 22:46:25 EST 2004


I am a bit in doubt about how to go around of accessing the OF

There seem to be various get_properties functions available, but is
there any documentation on how they work ?

In particular, i have in OF, a /cpus/PowerPC,74x7. when doing
.properties there, i have a l2cr property (which 0x0 (0)).

In the same vein, i have a /pci at C0000000, which contains a
pci-bridge-number i would like to read (which contains 0x1 (1)).

For the l2cr thingy, i have based myself on some pmac_setup.c code which
does :

        /* Checks "l2cr-value" property in the registry */
        np = find_devices("cpus");
        if (np == 0)
                np = find_type_devices("cpu");
        if (np != 0) {
                unsigned int *l2cr = (unsigned int *)
                        get_property(np, "l2cr-value", NULL);
                if (l2cr != 0) {
                        seq_printf(m, "l2cr override\t: 0x%x\n", *l2cr);

But, the pmac OF (at least on the powerbook i got someone to check for
me), does have a l2cr property, not a l2cr-value one. The same goes on
for voltaire.debian.org, which is a dual G4 500MHz.

Does this mean that the -value appended is for looking at the content of
l2cr, or something such ?


Sven Luther

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