ibook G4 Status Report

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Feb 10 08:10:30 EST 2004

> Since my ibook is a 12" equipped, i really need to use the video output
> with my 17" LCD.
> Any clues ? and/or usefull start point ?. i've tried to look inside
> xfree drivers sources,
> but without any good results. Seems that radeon9200 does not provide,
> any type of
> multiple screen support.

You have a VGA or DVI output ? VGA I think ? It should work with
Michel Danzer packages but it will be an analog output, not as good
as a fully digital.

XFree doesn't drive properly a DVI output on a laptop yet, though
I got it to work with a small userland hack I use to "fix" the chip
after X configured it ;)

Note that you may also have a problem with XFree not setting the proper
divider for your internal panel when used without UseFBDev. Same issue,
I have a userland "fix" for that since fixing it in XFree itself isn't
quite simple at this point.


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