Any hints on custom keyboard driver?

Song Sam samlinuxppc at
Fri Apr 16 01:24:53 EST 2004


I am in a trouble of coding a custom keyboard driver
under 2.4.18.

My custom keyboard scheme is as following:

          MPC823  IP_B0  IP_B1  IP_B2   IP_B3  IP_B4-7
Parallel Port
     PD0            1      q       a      z     ...
     PD1            2      w       s      x     ...
     PD2            3      e       d      c     ...
     PD3            4      r       f      v     ...
     PD4            ...    ...     ...   ...    ...

My Puzzles:
1. Should I use input.o as interactive interface to
communicate with kernel & user space for convenience?
Otherwise,I need to code it as a normal char device
drvier.I have finished to make PCMCIA and Parallel
port create a character by now.

2. Is there any clue on how to code a standard input
driver?Or any reference in this aspect?

Thanks a million in advance for any input!!!


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