4way smp on ppc32

Mark Guertin mguertin at macdiscussion.com
Thu Apr 8 00:54:05 EST 2004

On 6-Apr-04, at 2:15 AM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

>> I'm mostly cross-compiling the kernels with gcc 3.3.2.  The userland
>> is an old Debian, but I'll upgrade that as soon as I get a kernel
>> booting.
>> Do you have recommendations of gcc/kernel combos that should work?
>> I'm also starting to wonder if my h/w is bad (it did come from eBay.
>> . .)
> Could well be bad RAM or bad cache
> Ben.

I was going to mention the same thing, to run some hardware testing if
you could.  The only time I've seen any real ICE problems was with gcc
3.1.x and projects that weren't really adjusted for gcc 3.x yet, other
than that things have been fine for my setup.


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