MPC5200 Patches

Christoph Hellwig hch at
Thu Nov 20 22:53:15 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 09:25:30AM -0700, Tom Rini wrote:
> This is a tree that we can check the initial MPC5xxx work into for 2.4,
> make sure that it works and get Marcelo to take it.  Then it can die.
> And the older (linuxppc_2_4_mgt5100) can be archived and die.  And the
> new (linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200) tree should die now since it's only got
> Dale's one patch in it, that I'm moving over.

Umm, the code needs a rewrite before it's suitable for mainline.  In
it's current state is just bogus utter crap.  The bestcomm API needs
to go away and the dma engine used directly.

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