MPC5xxx code issues

Dale Farnsworth dale at
Wed Nov 19 02:04:06 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 08:29:44PM +0000, Tom Rini wrote:
> Must clean: These files need some sort of rewrite to look less like a
> drop of commerical code into the kernel and more like working the
> commercial code into the kernel:
> arch/ppc/5xxx_io/bestcomm/capi/Makefile
> arch/ppc/5xxx_io/bestcomm/code_dma/image_rtos1/Makefile
> arch/ppc/5xxx_io/bestcomm/code_dma/image_rtos2/Makefile
> arch/ppc/5xxx_io/bestcomm/include/dummy files (should these be needed?)

The code beneath the arch/ppc/5xxx_io/bestcomm directory is supplied
by Motorola.  To ease the adoption of later revisions of this code,
we made minimal modifications.  Stupidly, the bestcomm code references
stdio.h, stdlib.h, string.h, but doesn't use their contents, so we
added empty files with these names.

The Makefiles are also supplied by Motorola and are not used by Linux
at all.  We can safely omit them to reduce confusion.

> defconfigs: Since I don't know the board families well (and google was
> no help here), should both IceCube and Glacier default to MPC5200 ?

IMHO, yes.

-Dale Farnsworth

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