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Tue Nov 11 07:46:47 EST 2003

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> On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 10:20:20PM +0000, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> > The code is actually identical the the later version where Motorola
> > replaced the headers with GPL preambles. I sent a tarball with the GPL
> > bestcomm code to Tom Rini.
> I just thought that applying a patch that had "Motorola Confidential
> Proprietary" all over it wasn't a good idea. :-)

You are absolutely right.

> I have merged your code, benh's and mine and placed it at
> This patch doesn't require uboot.  I retained the uboot code and added
> CONFIG_UBOOT, but haven't tested with it.

I'll look at it ASAP.

> I would appreciate it if you could take some time to test it with your
> hardware.  I find that USB and PCI are not working here, but they also
> fail with your patch, so it may be my icecube hardware.

They are  working  fine  here  (*)  on  three  boards  (2  x  labeled
"IceCube+", 1 x "LITE5200").

(*) - some PCI cards cause problems, for example a 3C905C  card;  I'm
pretty  sure  it  is  a  hardware  issue,  but so far it has not been
confirmed by Motorola yet;  for  USB,  you  may  have  to  short  L15
("below" the USB connector)

> I haven't tested this merged code on the MGT5100, and in fact, I removed
> the MGT5100 FEC support because the #ifdefs in fec.c were just too ugly.
> I'll insert a compatibility layer to support the MGT5100 FEC if there
> is sufficient interest.  Is anyone still using the MGT5100?

Yes, I know of some cases. But too many things are failing on MGT5100
hardware anyway.

> > For me the main issue is that MPC5200 support makes it into the
> > official kernel trees as fast as possible.
> Agreed, with reasonable quality.

It has been my impression that the  strategy  is  to  get  things  in
quickly, and to fix them later?

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