How to change Bus speed for MPC8xx CPU

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Sun May 18 20:43:00 EST 2003

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> As far as I understand there is a bootloader provided by board
> manufacturer this is something like BIOS in desktop pc.
> And there should be part of the kernel running before
> the kernel starts. So which one of them do the job with
> clocks? Or probably both of them.

Normally the clocks are set in the bootloader only.

Linux does not change these parameters.

> And there the kernel loader sources are located under
> /usr/src/linux tree. I would like to put my patch inside and paly
> with it.

You wrote:

> My board is runnig from external clock of 10M and boot monitor
> has parameter called mulitplier which is equal to 10.

So it seems there is  no  patch  needed  at  all.  Just  change  this
"multiplier" parameter.

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