address translation

Trevor Woerner ppc339 at
Thu May 15 21:29:36 EST 2003

I want to setup a mapping so that when anything tries to read/write the
16 bytes at 0x1f0 - 0x1ff the actual physical memory that gets accessed
is 0xf7000000 - 0xf700000f.

I can't figure out what I need to call to get this done.

ioremap() is the exact opposite of what I want.

remap_page_range() comes very close but aligns everything to the page
boundary. In other words, after I do the mapping with either 0x1f0 or
0x0 as the virtual address, accessing 0x1f0 gives me 0xf70001f0 instead
of 0xf7000000. I don't want *page* translation, I need
*address-for-address* translation (if such a thing is possible). I
tried setting the physical address to 0xf7000000 - 0x1f0 but that
didn't work (I didn't think it would :-)

I think resetting _IO_BASE is just another page translation trick.

I also tried using io_block_mapping(), which I use in my platform io
setup routine, but the MMU crashed with one of those '###A' reports.

any suggestions, please?


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