4xx users: Big merge party now

Tom Rini trini at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Mar 20 09:26:36 EST 2003

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 04:41:56PM +0100, Kenneth Johansson wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 19:28, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >
> > All interested 4xx users, especially board maintainers, here's
> > what's going on with 4xx now.
> Where are the changes? I did not see anything on the commit list.

Because Ben made it before he told me to put it on the commit list
(triggers no longer are allowed on bkbits, so this is done by cron now).
The merge comments weren't very descriptive anyhow.

Tom Rini

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