VGA out/External Monitor on ibook 2

Owen Stampflee owen at
Tue Jan 21 05:22:54 EST 2003

> case 1: Monitor connected at boot up
> The external monitor is fine at depth 8, resolution 1024x768-8 at 60Hz.
> Changing the depth (text mode) with fbset makes the font look like the
> wrong depth. It feels like font depth has changed but not the display
> depth. The internal-LCD display stays just fine.

Starting X will screw up the secondary display in this scenario too.

> Has this been solved? If not, how can I help?

Nope. I wrote some tools to dump the Rage128's config registers as well
the PLL but haven't had a chance to actually get dumps.
Anyways, its located at

It would useful for dumps (send them to me, not the list...) booting
with both the scenarios you provided and when booting with


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