VGA out/External Monitor on ibook 2

Manuj Dhingra manuj_dhingra at
Tue Jan 21 02:59:21 EST 2003


	I know this has been asked before, but I did not come across any
solutions, so let me appologise if I missed them.

I have a: ibook 2 (white ibook from summer of 2001) 500MHz. It has a ATI
Rage 128 graphics card which my OF calls ATY,RageM3p29s. The aty128fb
module is used for video framebuffer, and I can't seem to get VGA mirror
to work.

case 1: Monitor connected at boot up
The external monitor is fine at depth 8, resolution 1024x768-8 at 60Hz.
Changing the depth (text mode) with fbset makes the font look like the
wrong depth. It feels like font depth has changed but not the display
depth. The internal-LCD display stays just fine.

case 2: Monitor not connected at boot up
The external monitor is "wavy". I turn the LCD off (m3mirror from benh)
and play around with timings, resolutions etc. The "waviness" gets more or
less but I could not find setting to make it stable. BTW, it is true for
both a CRT and flat-panel. Internal-LCD is fine (at 1024x768).

Has this been solved? If not, how can I help?


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