X windows for Linux PPC embedded

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 25 08:48:08 EST 2003

In message <3E5A528A.4020805 at devcom.cz> you wrote:
> I would like to ask, if there is some project
> for porting X windows system to Embedded
> PPC Linux. I use board with MPC823E with
> VGA TFT display+touch screen, 32MB RWM,
> 4MB FLASH, Ethernet, serial RS232,....
> I would like to use it as remote graphic terminal
> communicating via Ethernet by means of X protocol.
> Does somebody know how to make it work ?

There is nothing much to "port". Just use a system with  as  much  as
possible RAM, and a local harddisk, so you can enable swap space, and
run the standard "make" procedure on the target (native!).

I once looked into this trying to find out if you could prepare X11R6
for cross compilation, but found it too difficult  /  not  worth  the
effort.  I  ran  a  build  on  a  MPC860P  with 64 MB RAM and a 20 GB
harddisk attached to the PCMCIA slot. It took  _ages_  (>  48  hours,
IIRC)  but  except  for  some  minor issues the build went through. I
think this was in the  age  of  HHL  1.2  JE,  so  any  decent  build
environment should work fine, too.

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