VGA out/External Monitor on ibook 2

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Mon Feb 10 21:06:04 EST 2003

> > case 2: Monitor not connected at boot up
> > The external monitor is "wavy". I turn the LCD off (m3mirror from benh)
> > and play around with timings, resolutions etc. The "waviness" gets more or
> > less but I could not find setting to make it stable. BTW, it is true for
> > both a CRT and flat-panel. Internal-LCD is fine (at 1024x768).
> Yes, I can confirm this behaviour.  It's really annoying because I
> cannot use my iBook2 for any of my presentations at conferences... and
> I'm really too lazy to carry a second old x86 notebook with me.
> > Has this been solved? If not, how can I help?
> I'm not aware of any solution :(

Someone lately posted a message detailing the problem (either here or on
debian-powerpc): the hsync and vsync pulses appear to be OK (correct
frequency) but have a phase jitter. Does that ring a bell with anyone
here? Does anyone know which PLL setting the hsync position is derived


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