Listing wireless access points on an airport card

Owen Stampflee owen at
Thu Feb 6 17:56:14 EST 2003

> I have an iBook2 with an airport card in it, and I was looking for a way
> to list all the access points.  I tried "iwlist eth0 scan", but it
> doesn't seem to be supported.  Is it possible with this card?  It seems
> to work on OS X.  There seems to be some stuff in the driver for this,
> but it seems incomplete.

Theres a patch available that will allow you to put the airport card
into monitor mode, I tried but never got it working but others have.
Google is your friend as I dont have the URL off hand. Then it's simply
a matter of using a sniffing program such as Airsnort or Kismet to list
the local access points.


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