Console on frame buffer for mpc823

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Aug 6 20:50:31 EST 2003

Dear Jan,

in message <3F30D5BC.9070400 at> you wrote:
> primarily thank you for your help. But I have not
> been lucky to solve my problem. May be I have
> old kernel version - 2.4.3.

We did most of the framebuffer related work  with  our  2.4.4  kernel
tree;  I  don't  know  if older kernel versions have problems in that
area, but it's easily possible.

> I have set all this CONFIGS_xxx except for CONFIG_CONSOLE_NOBLANK and
> CONFIG_CONSOLE_NOCUR which are not supported in this kernel version.

These are extensions in our kernel tree to avoid  a  blinking  cursor
and  the  default  screen  blank  which  is not what you want on most
embedded systems.

> How to test that frame buffer is assigned to text console ?

Do you see the penguin logo when booting?

> [1] CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE is set - it is hardwired
>      to CONFIG_8xx - may be it is problem - isn't it ?

This is OK.

Best regards,

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