linuxppc-2.5 (rsync mvista) -- drivers/input/evdev.c:243: error: invalid lvalue in asm statement

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Mon Aug 4 21:24:54 EST 2003

Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:

> It's still totally wrong to access userland with a variable sized
> data since my understanding is that userland doesn't know what size
> the kernel will use for access here, thus it works for little endian
> but not big endian (well... afaik).

The userland data isn't variable-sized; it's an int, and it is
accessed as an int because the pointer given to get_user is int *.
The problem is (as Franz pointed out) the use of (a? b: c) as an

Incidentally there is a bug in the INPUT_KEYCODE macro: the second
(dev->keycodesize == 1) should be == 2 instead (the condition for the
u16 case).


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