ibook2r2 & strange freeze.

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Apr 26 03:43:12 EST 2003

> By unstable I mean that the computer completely freeze during boot time,
> around the time rc.sysinit is launched. Unfortunately I'm rather new to
> linux kernel so I don't know how to provide more information on the
> crash (maybe should I configure the kernel with xmon ?).
> In a divide&conquer approach I found that the part of rc.sysinit which
> 'uploads' the console font to the font layer was triggering the crash.

Can you try 2 things and let me know if one of them helps ?

 - Compile without CPUFREQ support
 - Use video=radeon:noaccel on the command line to disable acceleration
   on console

> I then re-installed from scratch everything (because I thought there
> could have been a fs corruption somewhere which had corrupted the
> fonts), but no chance it crashed again.
> I then commented-out this part of rc.sysinit and then I could boot up to
> the login prompt.
> But the kernel was still unstable, and still froze at completely random
> time (mounting a cdrom, vi'ing some text files, rsyncing a kernel,
> compiling the kernel).
> I decided to have a look to the latest devel kernel (namely
> 2.4.21-pre7-ben0 and 2.4.21-rc1-ben0) but no chance again, when booted
> with video=radeonfb (or with nothing) they're oopsing during the boot (I
> can provide more information if needed). With video=ofonly, everything
> went smooth.
> As I wasn't sure the crash came from my compiled kernel, I also tried
> pre-built kernel from penguinppc.org (the following dmesg output has
> been taken from this kernel). This kernel was relatively stable with my
> modified rc.sysinit, but failed with the original rc.sysinit.
> So, what should I do to have a stable kernel with radeonfb ?

That's interesting. I need to investigate...


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