Status of 2.5.X kernels on PPC Linux, anyone working with NPTL?

Kevin Hendricks khendricks at
Thu Oct 10 01:12:36 EST 2002


Can anyone bring me up to date on the buildability and useability of the
latest 2.5.X kernels on PPC Linux?  How stable and useful are these
given the recent changes to revert back to 2.4 IDE code and other

Also, is anyone here actively working on Ulrich Drepper's New Posix
Thread Library (NPTL) to add in support for ppc Linux?  Has anyone
decided on what register will be used for Thread Local Storage on PPC
(32bit)?  (Is this r13 on ppc64?).  Have the necessary modifications to
the ABI/compiler been made to support a dedicated thread local storage

Any hints or guidance greatly appreciated?



Kevin B. Hendricks
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