USBHID Problem

Alban Fellows Alban.Fellows at
Fri Nov 8 09:01:12 EST 2002

I am having problems with the BK kernel from a version somewhat after
2.4.20-pre7 upto 2.4.20-rc1

2.4.20-pre7 works fine
later kernels seem to hang on the USB stuff
by selectively disabling USB stuff, I can get the machine to boot properly
only if I remove the USBHID (Full) support
The basic keyboard and mouse work (with side effects)
I prior to this had not changed any kernel config (I reularly fetch and build
the latest kernel - one of these days full nVidia support will be available)

The machine is a Apple Macintosh G4 (DVD) running YDL 2.3
USB is the OHCI driver

As this appears quite a major loss of functionality I am surprised that
several kernel versions appear to suffer the problem.

Anybody have similar problems or fixes?


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