Sonnet G4 800 in 1st gen PCI mac + linux ...

Andreas Tobler toa at
Wed Nov 6 17:39:31 EST 2002

Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

> With 2.4.20-pre9-ben0, I note the following things:
> 1. Although cpuinfo still shows 'l2cr override : 0x80000000', there is
>     not dmesg line stating that the cache is enabled.

[andreas at wallstreet andreas]$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/l2cr
0xb9000000:  enabled, no parity, 1MB, +2 clock, pipelined burst SRAM,
copy-back, 0.5ns hold

On a 2.4.20-pre11-ben0.

Is this proc entry available on your system?


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