A question about the 68-pin SCSI devices

Daniel Lao laodx at gzjpg.com
Tue Nov 5 15:16:19 EST 2002

My system are based on Motolora's "MVME2700 + 3-row P2 adapter + MVME761
+ 50-pin SCSI devices", the linuxppc kernel is 2.212. Now I would like
to update my system with 68-pin SCSI devices. That is , the new system
configuration is "MVME2700 + 5-row P2 adapter + MVME761 + 68-pin SCSI
devices". The MOT's documents said that the SCSI controler(53C825A)
on MVME2700 can support 68-pin devices, but I am not sure whether the
linux kernel(2.2.12) can support them. Should anyone kindly give me some
advice? Thank a lot!

Daniel Lao
2002-11-05 12:13:52

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