About the process's logical space :-(

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Sat Nov 2 04:11:13 EST 2002

> I have used the linuxppc development env. with 2.2.12 kernel, the
> process can only map to the logical address between 0x0 - 0x80000000.
> But under the redhat (kernel 2.2.5, x86), I can map to 0x0 -
> 0xC0000000!!!  Is the 2.4.x ppc kernel also have the limit?

You can change this on newer kernels (its a config option,
CONFIG_TASK_SIZE). Eg on my titanium powerbook running 2.4.20-pre4:

# cat /proc/self/maps
bfffe000-c0000000 rwxp fffff000 00:00 0


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