linuxppc_2_4_devel - Walnut compile

Curtis, Allen Allen.Curtis at
Fri May 3 09:06:46 EST 2002

I downloaded and tried to compile an IBM405GP kernel using the Walnut
configuration. Here is the path I have taken. Hopefully someone can take me
the rest of the way home.

1. make menuconfig (xconfig - does not work)
    and stripped out all of the extra junk

2. linker error - early_serial* symbols undefined
   modified drivers/char/Makefile - to include serial.c

3. linker error - serial_close() undefined
   reviewed the source code in arch/ppc. I believe that I need serial_sicc.c

4. Reviewed arch/ppc/ and discovered the following
  a. Minor error in file was preventing menu "IBM 4xx options --->" from
displaying (fixed)
     This is the only place I can find a reference for SICC console support.
This is dependent on 3 conditions. 1) Board is STB03xxx (not in any menus)
2) SERIAL_SICC is true 3) UART0_TTYS1 is true.
  b. Removed the platform dependency.

5. serial_sicc.c - does not compile because the only place the symbols are
defined is in ibmstb3.h (guess it is platform dependent)

Obviously my assumption about SICC serial support was wrong. What do I need
to successfully compile and link this platform?

Thanks in advance!

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