Sungem with iMac Rev-B

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed May 1 03:07:49 EST 2002

> >Going through the sourcecode of the sungem, I am not
> >sure however that it will work with older hardware
> >like the iMac Rev-B's Uni-North and the LXT970.
> No, you mismatched bmac and gmac. The sungem driver obsoletes
> the gmac one, not the bmac one.
> The bmac driver currently don't have PHY control. This could
> eventually be added, since I beleive we actually know how to
> tap the PHY registers when available. Though this need some
> work and I have no hardware to test on, so I'd rather see
> someone who has do the job ;)

Throw some hints (what to write where, approximately) my way and I might
give it a shot.


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