pbbuttons, need some help

Matthias Grimm joker at cymes.de
Fri Mar 8 05:51:52 EST 2002

Hi everybody,

I wrote the program PBButtons <http://www.cymes.de/members/joker/> and
need your help for a special task.

I would ask for someone who could assist me with debugging some code on
an OHARE-based Powerbook? I teached pbbuttonsd to read battery
information but I could only test the part depending on
PMU_SMART_BATTERY_STATE because I have no OHARE-based Powerbook at hand.
I took the part depending on PMU_BATTERY_STATE from the kernel source
but I would like to verify it again before I release it to the public.

I would also be confident with some valid data sets the PMU returned on
PMU_BATERY_STATE, so I could simulate a OHARE-based Powerbook.

If anyone have some documentation he would be welcome to send me a copy

     Matthias Grimm

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