benh at benh at
Thu Mar 7 08:48:49 EST 2002

>Great!  It sounds like the firmware is doing everyhting.  It might be
>nice to add an option to have linux configure the CPU registers or not,
>as for us embedded guys thats easier than implimenting it all in the
>firmware.  We can do it either way now that we know what the registers
>should be, though.

Well, then the correct place for the patch is probably in the wrapper
or in a CONFIG_xxx option for your embedded box. At least for PReP/CHRP/Pmac,
I want to rely on the firmware for various reasons (one beeing that Apple's
firmware sets some bits in specific ways to avoid/workaround chip errata).

>I'll have a cleaned up patch file by tomorrow evening.  What tree
>would you prefer the patch be against?

Whatever, I'll probably edit it anyway.

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