2.4.18 and dmasound and rebooting

benh at kernel.crashing.org benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Mar 4 10:34:13 EST 2002

>Ok, I tried 2.4.18 from kernel.org on my PowerCenter 132 and the DMA
>dead patch works. However, as a side note, it only seems to work if the
>sound code is compiled into the kernel. The same code in a module does
>not work and still causes the sound hang. As I recall, the way the
>emergency buffer was allocated was critical to it functioning properly.
>I usually compile in the sound driver so it's not a big deal for me but
>it might be for other folks.

Well, I see no problem with the way the buffer is allocated. However,
the emergency buffer code looks wrong: It should really contain a
branch command to branch back the DBDMA controller to the normal buffer.

>On another note, I've noticed that if I reboot my machine using shutdown
>-r the machine will reboot to a gray screen and then just hang there. It
>won't boot into MacOS. I've noticed that on 68k Macs, it is important to
>map the ROMs back into memory before rebooting or the machine just hangs
>around forever. Is it possible that we're not remapping stuff back to
>its usual place before rebooting on OldWorld machines? This has been a
>persistant problem for a long time on 2.4.

That is weird, I don't think we have to take care of any sort of MMU
mapping, looks more like some driver would need to be restored in some
"pristine" state (sound ?)


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