SMP/HIGHMEM/7450 status ?

benh at benh at
Thu Jun 6 15:37:12 EST 2002

> I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the 7450 with SMP and
>HIGHMEM recently. There were problems with it in the past, and I was
>wondering if any fixes have been included in the current
> rsync tree. The reason why I ask is
>because the only dual 7450 machine I have is currently in production and I
>can't do any testing on it, and I need to turn on the second CPU some
>time soon.
> Any info would be much appreciated.

Well... It sorta works until you put really high load on it, then
usually, a CPU locks up in an unrecoverable way. We haven't yet been
able to find a workaround.


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