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Tue Jan 22 05:40:44 EST 2002

A while back I posted that I was having problems getting the video to work on 
our new iMac, a blue CDROM version (how do I work out what it *actually* 
is?). It uses a Rage Pro 128 TR video card, that the kernel didn't know about.

Well, I found a patch for an ancient 2.4 kernel that claimed to supported it, 
hacked it into 2.4.17, cleaned it up etc, and here it is. Attached.

There still appear to be some problems, but that may be because I'm not 
working it correctly. Most screen modes make the screen go black; I suspect 
that the monitor's really a fixed-sync. DirectFB programs cause certain 
programs, like syslogd, do go into D state --- I haven't worked out why yet. 
OTOH, this could be because DirectFB is trying to hardware accelerate the 
card. However, leaving the standard screen mode and just changing depth works 

I noticed that somebody else was having problems with iMac video --- perhaps 
this will help.

On a related note, is there a program that will reset the console back to 
text mode if my application crashes and leaves it in graphics mode anywhere?

In related news, my earlier problem about strange SIGFPEs for no apparent 
reason may be an artifact of my slighty dodgy userland threading code --- it 
uses sys_sigreturn to change the register set of the process. Because MSR 
isn't available from userland, I was just assuming 0; this wouldn't cause a 
problem anyway because the only bits I can change are FE0 and FE1 anyway, and 
my app doesn't use floating point, right? Yeah, right.

Anyone know how I can read the current values of FE0 and FE1 from userland?

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David Given
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