new G4 dual 1 gig is here - how to install?

Christopher C. Chimelis chris at
Fri Feb 15 06:31:22 EST 2002

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002 benh at wrote:

> >Also, interestingly enough, SOUND is out of control on this new
> >machine.  A beep comes out at ear-shattering levels no matter what I
> >do.  I do believe something has changed when it comes ot sound in these
> >new systems.
> Maybe yet another crappy tumbler setup ? Make sure you use my
> latest kernel, I also started adding some 7455 support & cleaned
> up the NAP/DOZE/idle thing.

If it is tumbler, let me know.  I've become annoyed at the default volume
levels (too loud) in the driver and am planning on changing them.  I'd be
happy to have a few extra people to bounce settings off of.


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