SUNGEM config

Jens Schmalzing jens.schmalzing at
Thu Feb 14 08:42:47 EST 2002


> I shut down the device when the interface is down for more than
> about 10 seconds.

> Either I fake the ioctl and return no link,

Which makes ifd useless, because it won't be able to detect that a
link is actually present.

> or I power it back up each time, preventing basically the chip to
> ever be power managed.

Which consumes unnecassary power, reducing battery life.  I see the
point.  Would it make sense to make the time between the link going
down and the device powering off configurable, either as a module
parameter or as a kernel config option?  Then one could choose to have
either sensible power management or automatic link detection, if it's
not possible to get both.

Regards, Jens.

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