asm-ppc/io.h - 8260 conditional compile?

acurtis at acurtis at
Wed Aug 7 01:15:11 EST 2002

> No, it shouldn't.  The 4xx/8xx are unique because of the way they
> have to map memory in support of cache coherent (i.e. uncached)
> windows.  The 82xx processor family is a standard cache coherent 6xx
> core and doesn't require any special software support.

Thanks, it makes sense that it would be more Mac like because of the 6xx

> > 8260 memory translations were broken in HHL 2.0 (Linux 2.4.2)
> Just making
> > sure it isn't still broken in 2.4.17

The big one that I remember is that iopa() was essentially a null function
because it was missing the CONFIG_8260 conditional.

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